LTE310SMT v1.00 CAT-M1/NB2 Global CellBridge™ Cellular ModemLTE310smt

The Janus CellBridge™ SMT is the first end device certified surface mount cellular modem available for use in all IoT applications globally. The 89 Pad LGA Package allows users to assemble modems onto application PCBs during primary pick & place processing via automated assembly equipment. Standard assembly procedures coupled with CellBridge LGA architecture ensures the best modem to PCB connectivity possible, virtually eliminating problematic mechanical connectivity issues in the field.

The CellBridge™ SMT offers global frequency bands, supporting dual mode Cat M1/NB2 (NB-IoT) with 2G fallback. It is highly recommended for new designs and is also ideal as a migration path for existing 2G and 3G devices. Both current and updated designs benefit from a significant extension in product life with 4G LTE Cat M1/NB2 technology.

The CellBridge™ SMT Modem also includes a state-of-art GNSS receiver that can simultaneously search and track satellite signals from multiple satellite constellations.

The LTE310SMT modems are part of the CellBridge™ Janus Products.

LTE310SMT v1.00 CAT-M1/MB2 Features

  • Approvals
    • Regulatory: FCC, ISED, PTCRB
    • Carrier: PTCRB, AT&T, Verizon and RED certifications
  • 4FF (nano) SIM Holder
  • 89 Pad LGA PACKAGE
  • Ships in Tape and Reel
  • 1.02” x 1.38” (26mm x 35mm)
  • Lowest Modem Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • End Product Certification (in progress)
  • Excellent Shock and Vibration (vs. connector units)
  • Mobile IoT 3GPP Rel14-LTE CAT-M1, NB1, NB2
  • Qualcomm 9205 Chipset
  • Telit OneEdge™ Technology

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