LTE Plug-In LTE910XF (4G)

The Janus line of XF cellular Plug-In modems, based on Digi’s XBee® standard footprint, are the smallest enhanced function PTCRB and carrier certified “end product” modems available on the market today.
Janus XF Modems are specifically designed to provide customers with cost-effective products that are easily integrated into new and existing designs. Their “end product” carrier certification allows users to integrate any cellular XF modem into their application with no further carrier certification requirements.

The LTE910CF Plug-In modems are available in two versions: LTE910XF v1.0 for AT&T and LTE910XF v3.0 for Verizon. Both versions use Telit LE910's as their cellular engine. The LTE910XF v1.0 (AT&T) units operate in LTE with fallback to GSM in (B17), (B5), and (B2) bands, and defaults to the appropriate network. The LTE910XF v3.0 (Verizon) units operate in LTE only using bands (B13) and (B4). The LTE910XF is pin compatible with the full line of Janus Digi XBee® footprint Plug-In Products