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Energy and Utilities

Driven by consumer demand and Government initiatives, among mandates for sustainable/renewable energy sources and efficient transportation of energy and maintenance of infrastructures, the energy sector is in the midst of transforming its many channels into more effectively functioning entities by way of new technologies. Machine-to-machine solutions are enabling smart networks across the energy spectrum, offering more effective and efficient operations while providing consumers with reduced energy costs. Utilities can now monitor and control their operations remotely via IoT solutions, using new technologies to adapt more quickly to changing energy requirements or issues within the energy infrastructure.

New smart grid technologies implementing IoT solutions allow power generators to increase their efficiencies by more fully understanding critical elements of their supply and demand, using real time capacity and usage information to effectively control distribution and create a more reliable supply of energy. Smart meters provide automated communication of critical information between consumers and utilities. Cellular modems equipped with micro-processors assist in analyzing and providing real time usage and price information for both suppliers and customers.  Smart homes using IoT technologies provide an increased level of automation and information for homeowners. IoT solutions coordinate and report on connected devices such as appliances via sensors and report that information back to the energy provider. Smart homes also connect security systems, keeping consumers safe in the same effective and efficient manner.

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