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Industrial Automation

Remote Monitoring and Control

The implementation of Machine-to-machine (IoT) technology applications is becoming the operational norm in industrial automation systems around the globe.  Previous SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system technology was employed to handle data and provide informational solutions within the industrial automation space.  Those older SCADA systems were generally hard-wired solutions employing mostly analog technology.  Newer SCADA systems deploy wireless IoT based hardware and solutions, allowing for more rapid data acquisition and decision-making. Aside from industrial operations and manufacturing systems deployment, IoT based automation is also becoming popular in other industries such as agriculture. Remote IoT hardware now routinely monitors plant and machinery health and provides 24/7 data outputs and alerts when errors occur. Companies are better able to control their costs and optimize their operations with the immediate data provided by IoT systems.

Remote Equipment

Industrial automation assists in monitoring and maintaining equipment.  These support applications are vital for meeting customer requirements and preventing system downtime. With remote monitoring solutions provided by IoT technologies, companies are able to monitor the condition of their equipment via an online platform with portal (graphical user interface), reducing manual inspection requirements. Connected IoT devices can preemptively warn of upcoming issues or alert when issues occur, saving company resources in deployment of repair and maintenance personnel.  Companies also gain the flexibility to control automated processes, to more closely meet the precise requirements of any job/task.  

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