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Healthcare / Telemedicine

Healthcare products and services providers globally are working to reduce costs while effectively caring for an increasing number of patients. IoT, also known as telemedicine, provides platforms to reduce the costs of face-to-face doctor visits by enabling remote communication between physicians and patients. Remote monitoring of patients generally allows for shorter hospital stays and gives remote patients more freedom.  Portable, wearable, and even implantable devices such as respiratory monitors and pacemakers can also monitor vital signs and deliver real time data to healthcare providers.  IoT also provides for assisted living, allowing elderly patients to remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible. Patients with Dementia or other degenerative brain diseases can be monitored to ensure their health and safety. Personal tracking and monitoring systems allow doctors, relatives and caregivers real time updated on a patient's current health status and whereabouts. For younger and healthier patients, IoT solutions can monitor vital signs during exercise and transmit real time data to servers or the Internet, for current future reference. Weight scales, heart-rate monitors, and other wearable devices give users valuable insights into their health and fitness programs and will even allow them to share their training and fitness information on social networks.

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