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Vehicle Telematics

Vehicle telematics allows for the exchange of information between the vehicle and computer or phone.  Information regarding the operational health of a vehicle, location of the vehicle, and how the vehicle is being driven is monitored and served to users over the cellular networks. Available IoT solutions reduce operation costs while giving direction on safety and comfort.  Fleet Management companies use specific aspects of vehicle telematics in their business operation.  Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Location Based Services (LBS) companies create the solutions offered to interested parties. IoT also helps commercial companies to comply with legal obligations by automatically transferring mileage and driver logbooks for storage and evaluation.

Cars connected with IoT applications can offer route selection information, navigate past traffic jams, find places of interest, or suggest the next rest stop. Certain vehicular IoT solutions can also direct help for accidents or other emergencies – regardless of the condition of driver or passengers to make the call.  Insurance companies use vehicle statistics to offer more competitive rates to drivers. The Consumers save money while insurance providers track speed, stops, and other parametric information.

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